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Internet of Things

Digital transformation is now a major priority in almost every industry. Machines or products are connected, and new devices are developed, in order to transfer data to the internet. At QRTECH, we have the expertise all the way, from the sensor to the app. We also work with building blocks that reduce risks and development time, and minimize costs related to the product and service life cycle.


From sensor to app

With our help, you get quickly from business model to prototype and pilot. We are involved throughout the journey, to launched service and product.

The IoT area of expertise is really a sum up of what we offer; electronics development, embedded systems and digital solutions. Plus, knowledge of and experience of secure and robust connectivity, as well as how you benefit commercially from being connected.

We develop powerful Linux-based edge computers and power-efficient sensor devices, often based on Zephyr ™. The cloud platform is in most cases completely customer-specific, and we have extensive experience in using managed services from both AWS and Azure as well as Google. We also build IoT platforms based on open source, which can be hosted on-premises or at any cloud provider.

Lightweight Tech bricks

Through several “tech bricks”, reference implementations, you save time and money in your development. Based on Open Source, these provide great benefits, both short and long term. When we offer our building blocks, we want to contribute to efficient development by helping to set up an efficient CI / CD chain. The goal is for you as a customer, as soon as you want and can, to take control of your own development.


Peter Malmberg

Business Area Manager / Internet of Things

Electronics Development


Embedded Systems


Digital solutions