How we do it

Flexibility and experience

Are you looking for an experienced partner that can find solutions in a fast-changing world? To simplify does not necessarily mean that the solutions are simple, it requires deep understanding and expertise. Our delivery is flexible. We offer services from contract work, delivered from our design and development facility in Mölndal, to expertise services on-site at your facilities.

Delivery models

Need help with innovative concept development? Or perhaps with finding a more efficient way of delivering an existing product? Don’t worry, we adapt to your needs. Our delivery models include everything from overall commitments to expert help.

Project delivery services


Team as a Service


Expertise services


Well-equipped labs that support all phases

At QRTECH, we have fantastic possibilities to develop, test, and maintain electronics and software. In our facilities in Mölndal/Gothenburg we work in state of the art laboratories; from electronics labs, integration and automated test labs to climate chambers and even an EMC lab.


Research for a sustainable development

QRTECH has a long history in various types of research projects. Our goal is to secure QRTECH’s position in the frontlines of strategic technology areas. The projects are managed in collaboration with academia and our customers, usually across national borders. The projects are long-term and aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society.


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