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Digital solutions

Designing products with connectivity – what some call IoT (Internet of Things) – creates greater business value. Our digital solutions make data from sensors, embedded systems, and electronics accessible so that new services can be built based on insights from aggregated intelligence.

Our digital solutions in IoT are integrated with cloud-based backend solutions. Our team in digital development and UX also design and develop frontend applications for web and mobile applications.


Service Design and Concept Development

Need help identifying pains and gains for your organization or customers? Our Service Design team is here to help you create new revenue streams, business models or reduced operating costs!

Mobile Applications

Today, the smartphone is the primary interface for many different applications and the possibilities are endless. However, this places high demands on the solution and user interface, and it is important to understand the whole chain – not just the final app. This is something we at QRTECH can help you with.

Robust Cloud Solutions

Today, many applications are developed to run on a cloud platform, which means great possibilities for companies and organizations. Some of the benefits are higher flexibility and safety. Get in touch with us so we can discuss which solution fits your company best!

End-to-End Solutions

By End-to-End, we mean that we can assist our customers with vertical solutions from service design and concept development to implementation of mobility and cloud services. We build and design connected systems for both software and hardware, with full support of maintenance and supply. Since we have access to all parts of the process, we can quickly iterate solutions that are robust and reliable.


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Electronics Development


Embedded Systems


Internet of Things