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Electronics development

At QRTECH, we have comprehensive expertise in electronics development that spans over all phases up to a verified product. Everything is supported by an extensive infrastructure and processes for quality assurance.


Product development

We support product development phases all the way from idea to production and maintenance. It includes:

  • Concept studies
  • Electronic architecture
  • Selection of key components
  • Electronics requirements
  • Detailed design
  • Prototyping, verification and EOL test rigs
  • Production planning

Power electronics

Power electronics add new dimensions to the design, such as thermal handling, a higher degree of impact from parasitic properties, and assembly techniques. QRTECH have developed a broad knowledge base through a long history in research and many development projects. Cases include AC and DC combinations of inverters for power conversion or motor control, but also more specific units for current or voltage stabilization to ensure stability and robustness in the power supply.

Labs in electronics development

We are proud of our labs! They help us take the solutions through testing, manufacturing, management of component production, and finally application management with high quality.

Our labs:

  • HIL Rigs labs with CI/CD
  • EMC lab
  • Power Electronics Cells
  • Electronics lab
  • Environment lab with climate chamber
  • Integration and test lab
  • Products lab
  • Vehicle test lab
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