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Development partner of the future!

QRTECH is a leading company in electronics, software, and digital services. We have our origins in research and Gothenburg’s world-leading automotive industry. Today, we operate in several high-tech industries where high quality, innovation, and cutting-edge knowledge come together to build tomorrow’s sustainable society. We see ourselves as a Technology Pathfinder. We believe a development partner of the 20s needs to have deep understanding of both software and hardware. The combination makes us unique. We guide, help and develop competitive solutions for our customers, to gain the best out of digital technology.

QRTECH is a fully-owned subsidiary of EMBRON Group, with a global network of services, products and manufacturing. Learn more at www.embrongroup.com

Our values

QRTECH is a value-driven company. Sound, common values form the basis for how we think and develop our company.

People first

With our deep technical expertise, we have a responsibility to build tomorrow’s sustainable society. We immerse ourselves in global trends, new technology areas, and digitalization in order to guide our customers on the journey of becoming sustainable and successful companies in a humane world. We care deeply about our employees, our heroes, who create magic every day. We build the company together and develop daily in our tasks, projects, and investments in education and research.

Embracing friction, to gain traction.

Our customers face tough challenges – commercial as well as technical. As a Technology Pathfinder, we embrace the challenge, flip the perspectives and make it ours. We are driven by being co-creative and realize our customers’ dreams. Let’s dream and create together!

Quality – In every detail

From the very beginning, quality has been a cornerstone in how we act, deliver, and look at what we do. Our customers have high demands on reliability. Quality is also another word for long-term and sustainable solutions. With a good design, throughout the whole process, we create flexible future-proven solutions, easy to maintain and adapt.

Technology, to drive sustainability.

New services must be developed from ideas, needs, and customer experiences – we agree with that. But for an idea to fly, a reliable technical solution is a must. Usually, a technical innovation step is behind a revolution of new services. Services that before the technological leap only could be visualized on paper. We want to be a positive force that leverages technology to build an economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable society.


QRTECH’s History

QRTECH started in 1997 and has its roots in safety-critical real-time systems at Chalmers University of Technology. Since the beginning, our focus has mainly been on electronics and software for customers in the industry sector. QRTECH’s collaboration with science and industry has been a cornerstone of our business over the years – a part of our DNA. This has enabled us to develop products at the forefront of technology.

The automotive industry appreciated the skill of QRTECH’s engineers, the reliability of our services, and the predictability of our project management. In the early 2000s, QRTECH grew rapidly. In 2004 and 2005, QRTECH was named a “”Gazelle Company”” by Dagens Industri.

In 2007, we initiated research in electronic and hybrid vehicles. At this point, QRTECH also became involved in the development of the “”Functional Safety”” standard ISO 26262.

The expansion continued, and in 2013 QRTECH moved to its current premises in Mölndal. In 2016, the laboratory operations expanded further with power electronics cells and an EMC chamber.

In 2017, the company was acquired and became part of the EMBRON Group.

In 2020, QRTECH invested in a new power electronics lab. The focus has been on developing and testing future electric motors in the transportation and automotive industries.

In 2021, QRTECH acquired Endian Technologies and continued its journey towards an even stronger position within industrial IoT, connectivity and open source.

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