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Embedded systems

QRTECH is short for Qualified Realtime Technology, which says a lot about our heritage and background. We guarantee high-quality and robust solutions in an embedded environment – and we have long experience from developing memory-efficient, fault-tolerant, and secure systems.

Our competence covers everything from system design, software architecture- and development to continuous integration and deployment. We also work with agile methods and do project and release management.


Design and development

How do we ensure cost-efficient development of quality software? Well, by adapting well-established methods and workflows based on continuous integration, automated testing, and traceability.

With well-developed processes, methods, and tools, in combination with skilled engineers who use modern laboratories – we deliver agreed functionality and quality. Always on time and on budget. Through our project office, our development teams also have access to additional technical expertise to solve extraordinary challenges.

Internet of Things and Connectivity

Do you sell services or products? The question becomes increasingly relevant as we connect our society and our things. The Internet of Things is changing the game. A connected system automatically creates a need for application management, service, and customer contact.

At QRTECH, we are used to developing loT solutions and combine this with our knowledge in digital solutions.

Autonomous driving and driver assistance systems

Our journey in autonomous driving (AD) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) began as research on how we could make these systems safe. This aspect is part of all our current projects in AD/ADAS, as safety still is the most important enabler and limitation in self-driving cars. To make safe decisions, we have investigated several versions of sensors – such as cameras, radar, and lidars – to visualize the environment around the vehicle. Analyzing data from sensors has over the years helped us explore more versions of AI and sensor fusion.

Since the start of the AD and ADAS development, we have developed a number of products for our customers. Some of which being safe control electronics for trucks and systems for collecting camera data for AI training.

Functional safety

Developing complex E/E systems according to ISO 26262 is a challenging task for most companies. QRTECH has more than 15 years of experience in the classification and development of safety-critical systems in the automotive industry. Today, we work closely with automotive suppliers, helping them develop safety-related vehicle electronics with integrity levels from ASIL A to ASIL D.

Experts on ISO 26262

  • 15 years of experience in the classification and development of safety-critical systems for vehicles.
  • Proactive participation in the design of the ISO 26262 standard.
  • Active in both national and international research projects related to functional safety.

Development capacity in ASIL D

  • Intelligent steering assistance ECUs according to ASIL D.
  • Shift-by-wire electronics with ASIL C integrity.
  • Safety analysis and design for hybrid powertrains.
  • OEM support, gap analysis and training.

Security development

  • Member of the ICT Arena Working Group on Cyber Security.
  • Tracks current and future safety issues and solutions for the automotive industry.
  • Experience from other domains with existing solutions.
  • Follows best practice from SAE International J3061.


Mikael Arnelind

Business Area Manager / Embedded systems

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