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Swegon and QRTECH collaborate on development of connected climate systems

For Swegon, a market-leading supplier in the field of indoor climate, taking advantage of new technology is second nature. In 2020, Swegon started working with Endian Technologies, now a part of QRTECH, to enable the development of more smart solutions at the leading edge of technology.

A good indoor climate at home, in the workplace, and in public environments is crucial to health, well-being – and performance. With a needs-led indoor climate, there is also huge potential to reduce running costs and environmental impact, as sensors ensure that the temperature and ventilation remain at the right level at any given time. A connected system also makes it possible to manage running and servicing remotely. Swegon is currently busy in its Digital Services business area, as more and more real estate owners, installers, and the people who ultimately use the buildings discover the benefits of smart climate systems. For the past year, QRTECH experts have been backing up Swegon’s team in IoT, cloud services and information security.

–Connected systems provide full oversight and simple access to our solutions in heating, cooling, and ventilation. Installation time can also be reduced considerably, says John Wibrand, System Development Director Digital Services at Swegon.

This may sound simple, but the systems are technically advanced, with a sophisticated architecture behind the interface. Sensors, detectors, and other technical equipment have to be implemented, large amounts of data have to create value for the end user, and information and operating security need to be assured. This is where QRTECH’s expertise comes into the picture.

–In a short time, QRTECH has made it possible for us to develop smart solutions that create value, says John Wibrand.

Swegon were early to exploit the benefits of new technology, but are continuously striving to improve and develop, in order to meet the market’s need for mobility and connected services. QRTECH are helping to ensure that the connected climate systems are at the leading edge of technology, are sustainable, and generate the greatest possible value.

–We are delighted to be working with Swegon, and we look forward to continue supporting them in the development of connected climate systems,” says Roger Kanstrup, Business Manager Digital Solutions at QRTECH.

About Swegon

Swegon Group – wholly owned by Investment AB Latour, a company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – is a market leader in energy-efficient products and systems for indoor climate. Swegon has subsidiaries in 16 countries, distributors worldwide, and 16 production units in Europe, north America, and India. The company employs more than 2,600 people, and net sales in 2020 totaled approximately MSEK 5,600.


Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Digital Solutions

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