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Branding and identity Mattr more than you think

The upstart tech consulting company Mattr Collective came to us in need of a differentiating branding concept and graphic identity. And since we at Qrtech pride ourselves by being a company with the ability to take clients from basic science research and hardware up to UX, design and high concepts we took on the task.

Most product- and consulting businesses pretty much look the same, and, frankly, communicate the same run-of-the- mill boring things. Mattr wanted to defy conventional consulting customs when it came to communications and identity. They wanted to stay true to their founding ideas of a unique creative and collective-driven culture where innovation can flourish, and where action speaks louder than words.

Our work at Qrtech involved creating an overarching brand concept, storytelling and tonality, along with a full graphic identity and style guidelines.

About Mattr Collective

Mattr is a new upstart tech consulting company in Gothenburg specializing in high voltage battery assemblies, powertrains, prototypes and products. In their workshop they create concepts and prototypes for clients, or for themselves. They’re a one stop shop for development and assignments within design, mechatronics, embedded & system design, as well as having a high-end machine park for the production of customized battery packs for client-specific applications

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Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Business Area Manager / Electronics & Software

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