QRTECH and InfiMotion Technology in research project on sustainable electric drive systems

QRTECH, in collaboration with InfiMotion Technology, has been awarded research grants as part of the Swedish Energy Agency’s program FFI Zero Emissions, with the mission to reduce the vehicle sector’s negative impact on climate and environment.

Efficient transport systems are essential for a well-functioning society. At the same time, today’s transport systems pose several challenges, including emissions, resource use, and inefficiency. FFI is a collaboration between the state (Vinnova, the Swedish Transport Administration, and the Swedish Energy Agency) and the automotive industry, aiming to create more efficient, sustainable, and future-proof transport systems.

FFI consists of five sub-programs, each of which, both individually and collectively, aims to achieve the program’s impact goals. Within FFI Zero Emissions, the focus is on the vehicle sector’s impact on climate and environment and the development of fossil-free and electrified vehicles. This includes a holistic perspective on vehicles, including climate, environment, health, energy, and cost reduction.

Within FFI Zero Emissions, the emphasis is on reducing emissions and making the usage phase more sustainable. An essential part of the work involves ensuring resource and energy efficiency in electric vehicles. When choosing power electronic components for electric drive systems, the components become both more expensive and less efficient with increasing rated voltage. The rated voltage level in, for example, battery electric vehicles is determined by the battery’s maximum voltage and the transients or oscillations that may arise. In the joint research project, QRTECH and InfiMotion Technology aim to study how oscillations and switching speeds can be limited so that components with a lower rated voltage can be used to increase efficiency. The goal is to develop a drive system that both has a long lifespan for its components and reduces total losses and disturbances.

In the project, QRTECH will primarily work on prototype development, while InfiMotion Technology will focus on system simulation.

About FFI

FFI, Vehicle Strategic Research and Innovation, funds research and development activities for about one billion SEK per year, with the state providing half of the funding. The funds are exclusively for research, innovation, and development, focusing on climate, environment, and safety. FFI’s vision is for Sweden to lead the global transition to sustainable road transport.


Andreas Käck

Research / Business Development

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