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QRTECH and Emerson in collaboration – developing the water management solutions of the future

QRTECH has begun a strategic collaboration with Emerson to develop the solutions of the future in water management. The first stage has seen production of a new IoT solution that simplifies control and measurement of water levels and flows. The technology has great potential for growth in both existing and new markets, where sustainable solutions for humanity and the environment are a top priority.

As the climate changes, extreme weather events such as torrential rain and lasting drought are expected to become increasingly common. Rapid weather change places tough demands on community planning, as authorities need to be prepared to reduce flooding and counteract water shortages.

Emerson, a world leader in high-tech radar solutions, was looking to develop an IoT solution for control and measurement of water levels and flows, and contacted QRTECH in summer 2020. Martin Johansson, Account Manager Electronics & Software at QRTECH, on the initial dialogue:

When Emerson told us of their ambition to develop a new, more user-friendly system for water management, we saw a great opportunity to be a part of that and make a difference. The right technology goes a long way and can help us bring about sustainable social development, he says.

The first stage in the collaboration was to develop a user-friendly control box with clear displays and a pedagogic interface, which makes it easier for engineers to read meter values and configure the system. Sensors and regulators are used to control pumps and valves.

The technology is useful in applications such as dams, where it is vital that branches and other objects in the water do not get stuck in grates and spillway gates. There is also a need for the IoT solution in the manufacturing and processing industry, where wastewater from various processes needs to be managed.

A smart solution to a complex problem

QRTECH, working closely alongside Emerson, designed and developed the finished product from scratch.

In the first phase we’ve developed the control box for reading and management out in the field, but the technical potential is huge, says Johansson.

Through the project, Emerson continues to work with leading-edge technology, with the vision of developing sustainable solutions for people and the environment – innovations made possible in part by the strategic collaboration with QRTECH. Per Ahlgren, Director Technology and Quality, Deputy MD Rosemount Tank Radar AB at Emerson, on the overall process:

The collaboration has gone very well to date. Short communication paths and a focus on the technical solution, combined with a keen interest in understanding the client’s main challenge, has been pivotal throughout the development project. We feel that QRTECH have been receptive to our demands, and this has simplified the job of designing a smart, cost-effective solution to a complex problem. Founded on their agile working method, the partnership has run very smoothly indeed, especially during the early phases of development. Emerson can see huge growth potential in existing and new markets, with a great need for more sensors to meet the requirements that IoT is bringing about.

Knowledge exchange with QRTECH’s engineers is highly valued and is a boost to the operation:

We are continuously working to strengthen and develop our internal organization, but in recent years strategic business partners like QRTECH have become an important factor in achieving our aggressive product plans for the years to come, Ahlgren concludes.

About Emerson

Emerson is a global group of companies with over 80,000 employees in more than 180 locations worldwide. Rosemount Tank Radar in Mölnlycke, West Sweden, is Emerson’s base for radar development in industrial and marine applications, with production sites around the world. 99% of production is exported.


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