ProEdge – A smart electronic lock for the self-storage industry.

Together with PTI Security Systems – the global leader in access control systems in the self-storage industry, Qrtech designed and developed a connected lock for use in self-storage facilities, overcoming a great many challenges with new smart design and combination of technologies. The ProEdge Smart Lock simplifies door security for both operators and tenants with its next-generation Bluetooth technology that provides keyless access, automated rental possibilities, and overlocking functionality.

The numerous use-cases of self-storage facilities, their 24/365 flow of customers, and the brick-and-mortar layouts of the facilities themselves offer a number of challenging tech problems to solve when designing a new, safe and innovative lock system.

PTI Security Systems had a concept for a new type of lock and needed help in designing and developing the overall lock system, architecture, software, choice of technology- and communication solution.

How to make everything work in a Faraday cage environment.
During the initial customer mapping of identifying user scenarios, it was quickly understood that the project would need a tech solution above and beyond the ordinary. Requirements included:

  • Battery operation for simple and cost-effective installation and retrofitting.
  • An “Always on” functionality to report status – free, locked, unlocked, battery levels, attempted burglary, other abnormalities, etc.
  • Demands of fully digitized onboarding and operations – from online booking to, selection/display of storage to access and guest access – with or without access to a Smart Phone.
  • Safe and uninterrupted device and system communication in an environment consisting of literally hundreds of metal cages and sheet shields – basically a Faraday cage situation.
  • Little or no mobile coverage inside the storage facility.

In summary, extreme demands on electronics and communication for the whole system were requirements.

A multi-pronged tech solution
Safe, redundant and reliable communications needed to be solved first. We opted to leverage an onboard LumenRadio module to mitigate noise from other wireless systems and a MiraMesh network with built-in redundancies and self-healing capabilities to maximize uptime.

Once connected to the robust MiraMesh network, operators could gain instant access to individual units including the data associated with each ProEdge smart latch as well as overarching control – allowing for real time monitoring and intrusion notifications.

Then it was just the “small” matter of system design, development of a cutting-edge Bluetooth electronic lock (including electronics and software for the lock, a wireless repeater, and a communication gateway), data processing for tampering detection, cloud backend for data analysis and system configuration, long running functional and performance testing, as well as optimization of the entire system to make a single battery power a ProEdge lock for at least three years.

The resulting product, the ProEdge smart latch, takes convenience in self-storage facilities to the next level by allowing entry to the facility and storage unit directly from a smartphone.

PTI Security Systems

With more than 40 years of experience and more than 40,000 installations globally, PTI Security Systems ( is the most trusted name in self-storage security. PTI provides the most innovative, durable, and reliable security products available today in addition to a wide range of integrated security solutions that help create a seamless experience for both tenants and self-storage operators. PTI is part of the ASSA ABLOY portfolio of brands.


Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Business Area Manager / Electronics and software

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