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Innovation Company QRTECH Accelerates Growth Journey – Launches new Visual Identity

QRTECH develops world-class, future-assured products and services alongside its customers. It is now time to reflect this also in the company’s visual profile. QRTECH is therefore presenting a whole new brand platform and website.

2020 has been an eventful year for QRTECH. Net sales increased by 15% on the previous year, the company took on new recruits in several areas, and there has been a major investment in a new power electronics lab, partly to develop and test future electric motors in the transport and automotive industries. Research is driven by sustainable development, with particular focus on green technology, to optimize existing products.

To better comply with its strategic direction, during the year QRTECH also decided to overhaul its brand platform and visual expression.

–In our projects and assignments, as in research activities, we work with our customers on sustainable long-term solutions. We see ourselves as a Technology Pathfinder, leading and showing the way from start to finish. QRTECH’s new visual identity more clearly expresses our future vision and in-depth technical know-how, says Patrik Sahlsten, CEO of QRTECH.

The new brand platform is a visualization of the company’s values, where the focus is on the human aspect, sustainability, and innovative power. The Q in QRTECH stands for Quality, now also seen in the digital communication. A refreshed logo, new colours, and fonts as well as a modernized website are among the changes. To strengthen and clarify its brand, QRTECH has worked with Start Communication

Putting branding into practice is a challenge for many engineering companies. But QRTECH has, in an exemplary way, chosen to start from the human aspect when building its brand. By communicating QRTECH’s explorative personality in its new identity, and in its product development, the company will take a distinctive position on the market, says Marie Karlsson, Communication Strategist at Start Communication.

Under den fortsatta tillväxtresan utgör hemsidan ett viktigt verktyg för att tydligare kommunicera vilka QRTECH är och vad bolaget står för, samt attrahera fler medarbetare med spetskompetens.

As the growth journey continues, the website serves as an important tool for more clearly communicating the QRTECH identity and what the company stands for, as well as attracting more employees with cutting-edge expertise.

We develop world-class, future-assured products and services alongside our customers, and it is now time for us to reflect this also in our visual profile, Sahlsten concludes.

We develop world-class, future-assured products and services alongside our customers, and it is now time for us to reflect this also in our visual profile.

Patrik Sahlsten, CEO of QRTECH


Patrik Sahlsten

Patrik Sahlsten

CEO / Business development

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