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Fewer accidents, shorter traffic queues and lower emissions

For Q-Free, QRTECH has developed a new hardware platform for wireless communication. The platform is energy efficient while offering high performance. It is now expected to help make the technology more widely available.

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) entails some extraordinary benefits to traffic and society. Enabling vehicles to communicate wirelessly creates opportunities to reduce emissions and also road traffic accidents. But existing solutions are often expensive, consume too much energy, and many require a roof antenna.

It was quite a technical challenge to fit so much sophisticated technology into such a small space. The system needed to be robust and offer high performance, yet also small enough that the communication device could fit in a vehicle’s windscreen without obstructing the line of sight, says Mattias Bergendahl, Account Manager at QRTECH.

Other specifications were to use the open WiFi standard specially developed for Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) and the Linux operating system.

V2X is a fast-growing technical area, and the technology also paves the way for many connected services on the market – for drivers, but also for local and national authorities that want to optimize their traffic flows. The hardware is retro-fitted which means the technology can really make a difference for the environment, traffic flows and safety on our roads, explains Patrik Sahlsten, CEO at QRTECH.

The solution is starting to be used in a pilot project in summer 2021, and the client Q-Free foresees huge potential.

Traffic flows in many places around the world have reached breaking point. Long traffic queues and gridlocks are unfortunately everyday occurrences for many. But technology is progressing rapidly, and our V2X technology better enables cities, towns and other public authorities to control and manage traffic flows – everything from public transport to service vehicles such as police cars, fire trucks and medical vehicles, says Ola Martin Lykkja at Q-Free.

About Q-Free

Q-Free is a technology company focused on delivering products and related services for the global Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market.

At present the company’s solutions are primarily used in tolling, parking and traffic management. Q-Free’s vision is to be a leading player in its technological field, and to offer a high professional level in every sector where its products are deployed.

Q-Free was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway.


Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Business Area Manager / Electronics & Software