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Saving lives and money by following adherence data in real time

Mevia solves problem of medication non-adherence through reliable, customised, and user-friendly end-to-end solutions. QRTECH helps develop Mevian’s new generation of IoT device platform, creating the base for accurately register every dose taken and to follow medical adherence behaviours of patients in real-time.

Only about 50% of patients adhere to their medical treatment of pills as prescribed. And only 40% of participants in clinical studies adhere to protocol after the first 150 days. Even worse, in the US alone, an estimated 125 000 deaths per year are associated with non-adherence. On a global scale, non-adherence is estimated to reach an avoidable cost of 171 billion US dollars per year for the healthcare system.

 “Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.”

World Health Organization

Mevia use patented technology to accurately register every dose taken, uploads the data in real-time, provides treatment support and data overview. At QRTECH we designed and developed electronics, firmware, device application, IoT platform, as well as manufacturing test equipment for the new generation of dispense devices.

 The solution involves a pill-packaging device using conductive ink which registers if a pill has been taken. The device then gathers the data and transmits it over its own cellular network. No personal data is stored in the devices, making it possible to re-use them in new trials or patient support programs.

About Mevia

Mevia is a Gothenburg-based company and an innovative partner to life science companies in solving the problem of medication non-adherence through reliable, customized and user-friendly end-to-end solutions.

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Peter Malmberg

Peter Malmberg

Business Area Manager / Internet of Things

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