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IoT technology from QRTECH behind Aqua Robur’s award-winning Fenix Hub

Aqua Robur, a leading provider of water network monitoring solutions, has won several awards for Fenix Hub, a solution that provides water utilities with real-time data on supply disruptions. A far-reaching collaboration with QRTECH is behind this acclaimed technology.

A lack of drinking water is a growing problem in nearly every country. Large amounts of water are lost every year, partly as a result of leaking pipes. Aqua Robur designs and manufactures IoT devices, energy harvesting solutions, and software and integration solutions for the water industry. Among its customers are municipalities and companies in the European market who, by digitalising their water networks, can quickly identify deviations. The business was founded in 2015 at Chalmers Ventures in Gothenburg, Sweden, with an emphasis on energy harvesting from the outset. The solution was gradually developed into an IoT product. Niklas Wicén, co-founder and CEO, talks about the transition undertaken together with QRTECH:

Over the years, our collective experience has helped to identify more functions that streamline water network monitoring. QRTECH’s expertise, both technical and strategic, was crucial for us in the development and industrialisation of Fenix Hub.

The Fenix Hub IoT unit is connected to a turbine and, with the help of sensors, provides real-time data on supply disruption, which makes it easy to quickly locate and repair leaks. The solution is powered by electricity, by a generator, or by a battery. Data are sent directly into the customer’s system or to a web interface using a wireless solution. The IoT technology has been in development since 2017 when the collaboration with QRTECH began. The design has since won several awards. For example, Aqua Robur won the EU award within Horizon 2020, for the best solution for water network monitoring without the need for an external power source.

Today, the solution’s continued development is primarily internal at Aqua Robur, which, if necessary, receives support from QRTECH.

We expect a high level of technical expertise, responsiveness, and flexibility from our partners. In this regard, QRTECH ticks every box, says Niklas.

Peter Malmberg, customer manager at QRTECH, says:

The opportunity to be involved with Aqua Robur throughout the entire journey, from pilot to finished product, has been incredibly rewarding. Good water supply is one of the biggest challenges facing Europe, and we’re proud to be involved in contributing to better conditions in such an important area.

About Aqua Robur

Aqua Robur designs and manufactures IoT devices, energy harvesting solutions, and software and integration solutions for the water industry. The company was founded in 2015 by Niklas Wicén and Martin Holm, among others, as part of Chalmers Ventures. Aqua Robur has been recognised as one of Europe’s most promising environmental startups and, in 2021, was listed on Ny Teknik’s startup list.


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