Bluefield Seeding Solutions receives future-proof innovation via remote updates.

We are proud to announce our successful collaboration with Bluefield Seeding Solutions Inc (BSSI) – a disruptive player in agricultural technology. BSSI creates innovative solutions for precision seeding – increased yield and productivity through optimization of sowing in terms of precise placement and timing. QRTECH has developed and implemented a pioneering solution for remote updates of all software to the system (SWOTA).

Optimum sowing of potatoes, for example, is not as simple as one might think. Precise precision in the placement of the seed is required to obtain the highest possible yield. In addition, it needs to go fast and work in all weather and ground conditions. To enjoy continuous innovation, bug fixing and security patching, a solution that enabled remote updates was necessary. The major challenge that BSSI faced was being able to update the software in its systems in an efficient and secure manner.

Our team of experts developed a customized Linux-based platform for BSSI’s specific hardware needs. The platform includes the function of safe and effective SWOTA.
In addition to the platform and the SWOTA solution, we also set up a DevOps environment that smoothly integrates BSSI’s own applications.

Thanks to QRTECH’s innovative solution, BSSI has succeeded in increasing the efficiency and security of its update processes. The product, which first reached customers in 2023, has now become an important part of BSSI’s offer and is proudly displayed at trade fairs worldwide.

With QRTECH’s support, BSSI is well equipped for the future and can continue to deliver advanced, secure and updatable solutions to the agricultural sector. Our collaboration is a shining example of how technological innovations can drive progress and efficiency in traditional industries.

About BSSI

Bluefield Seeding Solutions was established in 2018 by Craig McCloskey, a potato farmer in PEI Canada. Craig developed and patented the press wheel and Seed Sensing Technology that enabled him to plant faster on his farm. BSSI’s mandate is to provide reliable products that help farmers improve the economics and environmental sustainability of potato production by being as efficient as possible with the resources required for production. The maximum marketable yield with the least amount of capital input.

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Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Business Area Manager / Digital solutions

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