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Rapid prototyping

Need to kickstart your development? At QRTECH, we have developed platforms to efficiently start and verify your development projects. This results in a faster time to market!


Embedded software for automotive

We offer QRBSW, QRTECH Embedded Automotive Software Platform. Embedded software for Automotive that supports CAN, UDS, LIN, MCAL and more, is primarily used in Automotive Tier 1 and OEM products but also in other segments.

UDS Bootloader

UDS Bootloader for downloading software over both CAN and Ethernet, including Security Access functionality.

QRTECH Test Engine

Automated test framework that supports CI/CD, HIL and EOL testing. Includes dedicated hardware and standardized test devices (QRCAN2) for fast startup.

QRCAN2 Test Unit

Physical test unit with CAN-FD, LIN, AI, HSD, LSD, USB, Ethernet, with possibilities for expansion. Used in set of CI/CD HIL rig, as a basis in the development of dedicated test hardware or ECU development. The processor is NXPS32K148.


Mattias Bergendahl

Account Manager / Electronics development