How we do it


At QRTECH, we have fantastic possibilities to develop, test, and maintain electronics and software. In our facilities in Mölndal/Gothenburg we work in state of the art laboratories; from electronics labs, integration and automated test labs to climate chambers and even an EMC lab.


#1 Electronics labs

  • Soldering functions from QFN for bus bars
  • 15 workplaces
  • Climate chamber -65 °C to +180 °C
  • Relevant electronic measuring equipment (e.g. spectrum analyzers, current probes, network analyzer, multimeters, ~ 20 oscilloscopes)
  • Mechanical prototype facilities
  • 33D printing functions ABS, PC and PLA

#2 Power cell labs

  • Two separate power cells fulfilling necessary safety standards
  • 300 – 750 V power sources
  • Electrical loads, active and passive
  • Relevant measuring equipment (e.g. current sensors, differential probes, isolation equipment)

#3 EMC labs

  • GTEM cell
  • ESD-simulator
  • Radiated and conducted emission test capabilities
  • Workspace big enough to fit various types of vehicles
  • Relevant electronic measuring equipment

#4 HIL RIG labs

  • ~25 dedicated and structured HIL lab slots
  • Supporting infrastructure for power and communication
  • Test engine drives HIL tests in a well-structured and reportable way
  • QRCAN supplies simulated communication and I/O environment for CAN, LIN, UART, ADC, SCB and SCG
  • CI/CD of physical device testing
  • Visualization of project progress with requirement tracing


Martin Dermark

Hardware / Electronics Development