Supply, support & maintenance

QRTECH offers supply, support and maintenance of developed products. This includes manufacturing and logistics, deviations handling, Last Order Delivery and change request handling.


QRTECH has EDI setup with ODETTE labelling for efficient handling of logistics and the assurance of timely deliveries of products according to customer orders. QRTECH manufactures the products in cooperation with one of our ECM partners.


QRTECH offers product support in combination with supply or separately. One example is deviations handling. QRTECH uses an EOL-test & programming system that allows for individual marking of the products and traceability in case of RMA. All manufacturing data of each individual product is monitored and the data is stored at QRTECH. QRTECH uses an 8D process for deviations handling and reporting.


QRTECH offers to handle product maintenance including LOD for components used, CR investigations and product updates.