Research partner

We are always eager to help bring innovative discoveries and cutting edge technologies into products on the market. New ideas, new products, new knowledge, new business - cooperate with us to stay ahead of the competition!

QRTECH as a research partner

  • SME bridging the gap between academia and industry
  • Can act as a coinvestor in technology
  • Provide useful industrial use cases
  • Design and integrate the electronics in demonstration systems that are close to market
  • Many years of experience developing high quality systems and products
  • Can drive project funding applications and act as coordinator
  • Broad network if additional partners are needed

Apply for joint public funding with us

We are experienced in writing applications and insight into funding oppurtunities. We can help you find different funding schemes for research and development projects. In a research project we can help you bring innovative ideas and discoveries into new prototype demonstrators or market ready products.