Labs & Facilities

QRTECHs strategy is to be a front-runner for new and emerging electronics technologies. As part of our strategy we maintain several well equipped labs supporting all phases of product development.

  • Development lab for active projects
  • Power cells for high power products
  • EMC lab for pre-compliance testing
  • Test lab for verification and validation
  • Automated test lab for software verification
  • Vehicle lab for vehicle integration tests
  • Product lab for product maintenance and support

Our facilities are a result of great knowledge and experience in developing embedded systems that enable us to create high quality products on time.

Development lab

  • Design verification
  • Fault analysis
  • Signal analysis
  • Prototype build
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Soldering and repair workshop

Power cells

  • Enclosed area with high safety
  • High voltage capabilities (750V)
  • High power capabilities (15kW)
  • Electronic load capabilities (10kW)

EMC lab

  • Pre-compliance EMC testing
  • EMC experts & design engineers
  • On-site root cause analysis
  • GTEM chamber (15kHz - 17 GHz)
  • Emission capabilities (10Hz - 13,6GHz)

Test lab

  • Product verification
  • Electrical loads
  • Climate loads
  • Pre-validation environmental testing

Automated test lab

  • Automated test framework
  • Supporting continuous integration
  • Integrated MIL, SIL, PIL, HIL tests
  • Automated integration tests
  • Automated system test
  • Software metrics presentation

Vehicle lab

  • Integration testing
  • Demonstrator build
  • High security

Products lab

  • Product maintance
  • Production support
  • RMA handling & analysis
  • Pre-series manufacturing