Scalable automotive platform ready for rapid-prototyping, pre-series units and low-volume production.


Key features

  • Designed for automotive and industrial applications
  • High quality prototypes and pre-series units from start
  • Comprehensive communication and I/O support
  • Support for third party modules based on SMARC See datasheet for supported modules

Application areas

  • Driver assistance system
  • Body and chassis control
  • Central electronic module

QRx base kit (P/N PA10032)

Development platform Carrier board
+ Processor module (MPC5744P | AMX6iQ | XBTi )
+ Case (Low | High)
Price: 1500 €

Related services

Rapid-prototyping development from specification or Simulink model to tested and functional prototypes.
Custom processor module design and manufacturing can be provided.
From prototype to high volume series production, i.e. development of scaled down and cost efficient ECU.
Custom expansion board design and manufacturing can be provided.