What we do / From research to application management

Startup or market leader?

Different companies are in different phases. Maybe you just got an idea? Perhaps you are well established but want to launch a new service or product? At QRTECH, we have the methodology and experience to help our customers develop new services and products.


Research and innovation

Eager to find out more about tomorrow? At QRTECH, we believe in investing for the future! It has been a part of our DNA since we were founded in 1997.

Do you lack tools and models for applied research? We work in close collaboration with academia, our long-term customers and research. Together, we continuously carry out new research projects in areas such as:

  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Image recognition
  • Artificial intelligence
  • GreenTech
  • Power electronics

Service design / Concept development

Do you keep track of your customers’ challenges? Do you need help identifying gains and possible solutions to pains for your organization or customers? Our Service Design team is here to help you create new revenue streams, business models, or reduced operating costs.

Do you need help prioritizing? With our concept development model, we guide you through the process of finding the most value-adding concepts.

Prototype development

Time to test the concept? Once in the prototype stage, we offer a complete development department that can help you realize the services all the way from electronics and software to service and offer.

The prototypes are assembled in QRTECH’s prototype lab, at low-volume producers or the intended series manufacturer. Low-volume needs for evaluation purposes can also be provided as prototypes to ensure fast access.

Quality-assured development

Have you ever wondered why so many ideas stay in the prototype stage? Our brand promise – “It works!” – means that an idea only is strong if it is feasible and can be taken to market. Since the beginning, quality has always been our hallmark. We place great value on helping our customers go from concept development to finished products and services. To our assistance, we have our labs, processes, and well-proven methodology.

Anybody can develop a concept today – fully realizing it requires high quality, in every detail.

Application management of products and systems

Finally launch! What happens now? At QRTECH, we value long-term relationships. We have established methods for managing systems and products that have been put into production.

Application Management is our concept for managing systems and software over its entire life cycle. Naturally, we also handle new hardware releases and modifications to components as needs change.

Do you need help with component supply? We will support you throughout the entire product life cycle.


Roger Kanstrup

Roger Kanstrup

Account Manager / Electronics & Software