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ESAB: Digitized Welding for Improved Quality

ESAB, a leading global supplier of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting, has chosen to collaborate with QRTECH. The focus is on maintaining and updating an IoT module, crucial for ESAB’s cloud-based service WeldCloud.

ESAB’s product portfolio has an impressive breadth and includes equipment for welding and cutting, consumables, and digital services, all designed to work together in the most demanding environments. Customers are found, among others, in the shipbuilding industry, aerospace and aviation industry, automotive industry, pipes and pipelines, power generation, process industry, and transport and construction machinery.

The manufacturing industry faces several challenges. Industrial welding requires careful control and documentation of weld quality. At the same time, tight deadlines contribute to constant pressure to cut and weld faster and better for increased productivity.

We are constantly developing methods and materials to optimize the welding and cutting process and increase productivity in our customers’ operations, says Magnus Bengtsson, System Architect at ESAB.

By digitizing welding processes for machines and centralizing welding specifications, manufacturers can ensure consistent high-quality welding operations. ESAB has launched several digital products under the name InduSuite, including WeldCloud, where data generated by welding machines provides workshops with a detailed picture of how both machines and welders function. Built-in software that registers, measures, and controls the welding process in real-time makes it easy to follow up on potential problems and prevent downtime.

QRTECH has, in recent years, delivered services and support to ESAB for the development of the WeldCloud offering. As a specialist in Embedded Linux, QRTECH has recommended its own developed and well-proven concept ROOT.

QRTECH’s developed Linux platform is used for data transfer, among other things, to WeldCloud. As a collaboration partner to ESAB and InduSuite, QRTECH ensures that the IoT module is maintained with updates of the technical platform.

Through access to QRTECH’s experts in Linux, we can ensure that our systems operate in a robust and reliable manner and generate the greatest possible value for our customers, says Magnus Bengtsson.

About ESAB

ESAB is a world leader in manufacturing technology and production of equipment and consumables for welding and cutting. Under the brand InduSuite, the company develops the software solutions of the future that connect data, machines, and processes.


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