In collaboration with customers, our expertise enables market leading products and solutions for a wide set of medtech applications.

Lab equipment for tissue sample preservation

Researchers developed a method for tissue sample preservation based on precision heating and packaging. QRTECH developed all the necessary electronics including GUI for a benchtop lab equipment for tissue sample preservation according to their method.

QRTECH continues to maintain and support the product after start of series production.

Cloud connected diabetes devices

Device for patients with diabetes that facilitates the work of their healthcare providers by optimizing diabetes data management. QRTECH develops the electrical architecture of the next generation transmitter and supports the start of series production.

The system is market leading in diabetes device compatibility, including both wired and wireless units. With QRTECH responsible for electronics development and overall cost effectiveness the customer can stay focused on the application.

End-Of-Line test system

EOL test system for innovative respiratory medical devices. QRTECH was invited to outline a new and more powerful EOL test system based on standards for test coverage to ensure that top quality is maintained in production.