In collaboration with customers, our expertise enables market leading products and solutions for a wide set of industrial applications.


Combining power from grid, diesel generator, solar panel and batteries to secure 100% uptime and reduction of CO2 emissions. Low loss power electronics design eliminate need for active cooling.

Hand-held measurement unit

A product refresh with graphical menu system, large information database, multi-language support and a long lasting long battery. Techniques involved are reliable wireless communication based on ZigBee, very high precision temperature measurement, battery and energy management.

Marine propulsion control panel

A control panel with redundant HW for critical functionality. Motorized lever, display and button interface to the operator. CAN, RS485, analog and digital I/O to main controller units and surrounding components.

Marine control systems (Maintenance)

Electronic support services within the clients marine control systems. Services ranging from clarifications and production updates to circuit and system redesign.

Solid State Relay Module

The replacement of electromechanical components such as relays are beneficial in certain harsh environments, e.g. where vibrations might cause component failures. This module replaced an existing electromechanical component with high failure rates, by using a MOSFET based switch. Thermal management and protection against transients and misuse were among the development challenges.

Control interface unit

Control Interface Units for control of various kinds of machinery is a common type of product. Throughout the years a platform for efficient development of display applications has evolved. Selection of appropriate display types and housing to withstand harsh environments are typical development challenges.

Mobile building equipment HMI

HMI (QT and Linux platform on ARM architecture), panel and control unit managing combustion engine and electrical actuators.