Areas of expertise

Development of mission critical products and design in compliance with regulations and standards to meet safety and environmental requirements. Design for manufacturability and lifecycle management.

System design

  • Requirement engineering
  • Architecture
  • Modularization

Electronics & Software

Design to customer specific requirements. Optimization for robustness, safety, function & features, usability, availability, MTBF, cost, etc.

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Power electronics

Handling challenges specific for
- Battery powered mobile equipment
- Energy storage, conversion and management
- Electrically motorized machinery and tools
- Grid connections

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Safe products and systems

  • Compliance to safety regulations
  • IEC61508 and sub-standards
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • Fail-safe and fail-operational


  • In-production and EOL testing
  • Software handling in production and after-market
  • Manufacturing traceability
  • Install based management