Energy & Building automation


Our expertise and close collaboration with our customers have enabled products and solutions for a wide set of applications.

Hybrid power system for base stations

Combining power from grid, diesel generator, solar panel and batteries to secure maximum uptime and reduction of CO2 emissions. Low loss power electronics design eliminate need for active cooling.

Battery management unit

Complete Li-Ion battery management including cell supervision and balancing, complete package climate management, state-of-charge and state-of-health, pre-charge and discharge, isolation measurement. Communication and interface to surrounding system.

Intelligent lighting controller

Development of software and hardware for providing the optimum spectrum of light for efficient greenhouse cultivation. Supporting dynamic adjustment based on current ambient light.

Energy saving indoor climate

Smart windows improve indoor climate, save energy and increase security. QRTECH designed a compact circuit board integrated in the window frame and implemented the open communications protocol Z-wave to enable control and monitoring.