Automotive & Vehicle

Functional safety

Developing complex E/E systems according to ISO26262 for safety critical applications in the automotive domain is a challenging task for most companies. QRTECH has more than 15 years experience in classification and development of automotive safety critical systems and have helped shaping the ISO 26262 standard. Today, we work closely with automotive suppliers helping them develop safety related automotive electronics with integrity levels from ASIL A up to ASIL D.

ISO26262 experts

  • 15 years of classification and development of automotive safety critical systems
  • Proactive participation in shaping the ISO26262 standard
  • Active in national and international research projects related to functional safety

ASIL D development capability

  • Intelligent steering assist ECUs according to ASIL D
  • Shift-by-wire electronics with ASIL C integrity
  • Hybrid vehicle power train system safety analysis and design
  • OEM support, gap analysis and education

Security aware development

  • Member of Vehicle ICT Arena cyber security work group
  • Tracking current and future security issues and solutions for the automotive industry
  • Experience from other domains with existing solutions
  • Following best practice from SAE International J3061