Automotive & Vehicle

Areas of expertise

Our expertise include software development at all abstraction levels as well as electronics and power electronics design and packaging for demanding and safety critical applications. Experience from numerous series development projects and strategic research in new technologies enable us to find cost-efficient implementions for autonomous and hybrid/electrical vehicles.


Development of quality software through continuous integration and automated testing, project management and well-established processes. Our expertise include all abstraction levels, from modeling in Simulink to DSP control of hybrid electronics.

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Development compliant to demanding automotive standards combining reliability and cost effectiveness. Experience from a wide range of automotive controllers, wired and wireless communication technologies, as well as design and packaging for automotive requirements such as shock, vibration, EMC and fault tolerance.

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Power electronics

Handling automotive-specific challenges such as power efficiency and dynamics, life-time, load balancing and management, EMC, grid issues, thermal management, isolation and precharge/discharge. Extensive application experience including battery management, inverter/motor control, AC/DC, DC/DC and inductive charging.

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ISO26262 - ASIL D capability

More than 15 years experience in classification and development of automotive safety critical systems. Active role in shaping the ISO 26262 standard.

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Autonomous vehicles

Developing next generation electronics and software architectures for autonomous vehicles. Research covering functional safety aspects related to GPU parallel computation, service based I/O nodes, deep learning and the vehicle as an element in SoS,

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