Automotive & Vehicle


More than 40 ECUs have been developed by QRTECH for series production, ranging from low volume to 500 k units per year. Our assignments include turn-key projects and satellites with OEMs, TIER1s and TIER2s as customers.

DC/DC Converter for electric vehicles

A DC/DC converter for mobile use with a design robust against load side transients. The converter was installed and tested successfully in an all-electric vehicle.

Gear shifter ECU (ASIL C)

Compact electronic gear shifter module detecting gear lever position for an automatic gearbox system. Fulfills safety requirements according to ISO 26262, based on cost-efficient redundant sensor read-out and Autosar software platform.

Intelligent Steering Assist

Fail-operational controller for hydraulic based ADAS functionality in trucks. The controller was designed using multicore processor, memory protection, power supply redundancy and switching logic to ensure freedom from interference and enable asil decomposition of safety requirements allocated to software.


Development of communication gateways in high total volume and long life cycles. The gateways are used in prototypes, mules and production vehicles to interface new units to legacy platforms or vice versa. Maintenance and product/manufacturing support is provided, including obsolete component handling. Software updates are provided as a service.

Gateway platform (QR5516)

Automotive grade design with AUTOSAR platform for high volume production. Multiple software variants, late customer requirement changes and short time to market called for effective software development support, such as auto generated routing table, AUTOSAR configuration and test vectors. Continuous deployment support including build server, unit and HIL tests enabled fast and reliable software releases.

Central vehicle node (Satellite)

Development in satellite of software for several ECUs including central vehicle electronic control unit. Agile work methods adapted to customer processes.

Climate node (Satellite)

Development in satellite of AUTOSAR software for climate electronic control unit. Agile work methods with continuous integration and automated tests.

Heartbeat sensor

Heartbeat sensor for american market to alert car owner of unauthorized prescence in vehicle. QRTECH implemented a neural network and an additional FFT algorithm in a 16-bit fixed point microcontroller, and adapted the calibration for each vehicle variant.