Competence area

Power electronics

Power electronics adds new dimensions to the design task such as thermal management, higher degree of impact from parasistic properties and assembly techniques. QRTECH has gained competence in these areas thanks to a long history in research and many development projects.
Among the cases you can find AC and DC combinations of inverters for power conversion or motor control, but also more specific units for current or voltage stabilization to ensure stability and robustness in the power feed.

Thermal Management

QRTECH has developed solutions cooled by convection, forced air and liquid - all with their own challenges. We are experienced in locating, calculating and simulating losses from dissipation sources. We also know how to design to manage and balance life time versus cost and size.

Analog and digital control

We see a trend towards digital control but we also develop analog or hybrid designs. Software designs based on DSPs in high-speed loops and microcontrollers for co-ordination and external interfaces. Software-controlled PFC and multi-channel coordination.

Topologies and techniques

Design of most topologies including more advanced soft-switching phase shift and resonant designs. Multi-phase PFCs. Active rectification. Isolated designs.