Competence area

Electronics engineering

Complete electronics development competences covering all phases up to a verified product, supported by an extensive infrastructure and quality assurance processes.

Electronics development methodology

  • Maintained common database for reusable high quality components
  • High reusability of previously developed and tested electronics modules
  • Integrated development environment for schematics, layout and 3D models
  • Active development team for knowledge sharing and continuous process improvements
  • Well equipped facilities supporting electronics development throughout all phases
  • Established cooperation with external test facilities for qualifying EMC and durability tests
  • Close cooperation with manufactures for price optimization and manufacturability
  • Established test system process for electronics, software and production tests

Electronics work products

  • Technical specification
  • Schematics & layout
  • Electronics design review report
  • Design cost optimization, BOM
  • Reliability modelling, MTBF, FIT, FMEDA
  • Analog & digital simulations, SPICE
  • Thermal management & simulation
  • Production test coverage analysis