Competence Area

Cutting-edge technologies

Our research goal is to swiftly and reliably enable the use of cutting-edge technologies and bringing them into the products we develop for our customers. We are actively bridging the gap between the academic world and commercial business in several research programmes together with our customers, technical institutes and universities.

Engaging in research projects is a particularly important aspect of QRTECHs business concept – to provide leading-edge expertise in the development of embedded systems. The research projects that QRTECH is running are long term and aim for market-ready product platforms within a few years.

Our in-house research projects also permeate the development work and generate an innovative driving force in networks made up of companies, institutes and universities. The projects are frequently financed in part by different stakeholders, such as Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and the EU.

Ongoing research projects


Using our QRx automotive grade platform we adress a major upcoming challenge for autonomous driving for vehicles in series production; electrical architectures with computational resources and high bandwidth communication capable of supporting performance demanding control algorithms and neural networks in real-time.

Deep learning and Neural networks

Deep learning has been proven extremely effective across many application domains. It is transforming the way computers achieve perceptual tasks, such as pattern recognition and computer vision. QRTECHs research explores the use of deep learning technology and neural networks for autonomous driving by using QRx prototype platform.

Inductive charging

Safe inductive charging, balanced between performance and personal safety. Small magnetic fields to ensure the personal safety of users, while maintaining a high system efficiency.

Silicon carbide

Silicon carbide for increased efficiency of power electronics.