Sustainability for long term competitiveness

QRTECH is convinced there is a strong connection between sustainability and the long term competitiveness and success of the company.
The board of directors has adopted two documents which clarify QRTECH´s view on how we interact internally as well as externally and what can be expected from QRTECH and the people representing the Company.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR

CSR secures the way QRTECH conducts business based on taking responsibility beyond what might be required by laws and regulations. Our work within CSR consists of four areas of responsibilities:

  • financial
  • environmental
  • social
  • ethical

One major topic of the CSR is that QRTECH aim to create an including work environment where both diversity and equality are highly value.

Code of Conduct, CoC

The principles of QRTECH´s Code of Conduct are based upon UN Global Compact and the international conventions upon which it is based.

Included in the CoC are QRTECH´s values. The values strive towards that innovation should be driven by joy, to always focus on long-term solutions, to maintain high technical competence, and to always deliver what we have promised.

QRTECH strives to maintain our strong reputation for corporate trustworthiness, based on consistently conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing its activities. Success in business depends on building and maintaining the trust of customers, business partners, suppliers, shareholders, employees, governments and the general public.

QRTECH´s Code of Conduct gives clarity to how representatives of the company interact internally and externally.