Recruitment process

During the recruitment process we want you to get a really good feel for what QRTECH is all about, and for us to get a chance to get to know who you are and what your goals are for the future. We have two separate interviews where you get to meet different people from QRTECH.

Steps in the process

All applicants gets a confirmation thrugh our recruitment system that we have received their application.

In this step the recruiting manager makes a selection amongst the applications based on competence and skills in the applicants CV. If your application is among the top suitable ones, you get an invite to an interview.

During the process we usually do two interviews, the interviews aims for us to get a good and objective picture of every candidates competence, skills and personality and how they could best be matched with our offer and our needs.

We make two reference calls, we want, at least one, to be to someone in a managing position.

For us it’s equally important that the candidate is satisfied that QRTECH is the right place for them as it is that we are satisfied that the candidate is a good match for QRTECH! When both parties are onboard we start negotiations about terms and conditions. When we reach an agreement we sign an employment contract.