Master Thesis

Every year we offer a number of students to carry out their master thesis project at QRTECH. When the project scope is defined by us, it is focused on some of the latest challenges that industry is facing. However, we also welcome students with their own project ideas.

Define your own Master thesis project

We’re always looking for bright and innovative ideas that can be developed together with students. Do you have a brilliant idea for thesis work? At QRTECH you have the possibility to pitch your own idea.

When you present your idea we would like you to describe the following briefly:

  • What areas interest you, technology, etc.
  • What your thesis is all about (problem formulation and focus area)
  • The benefits for QRTECH
  • When you plan to do the Master thesis (autumn/spring)
  • Who will be your research partner

Your proposal should be brief, but it is essential that you explain your goals and purpose so we can investigate the matter with our business partners and within our own organization.

Finished master thesis projects

Battery Management System - State of Charge Estimations
Design of both hardware and software for a Battery Management system used in an electric Go-kart
The fast-lane development of Automotive Ethernet for Autonomous Drive
An investigation and evaluation of Automotive Ethernet regarding if it can be a solution for autonomous drive applications
Classification of Ulcer Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Developing an automated system for wound diagnosis using machine learning
A system for indoor positioning using ultra-wideband technology
Implementing and evaluating a system for indoor positioning using UWB technology
WBG Electronics for Energy-Efficient Power Electronic Applications
Investigating characteristics, materials, and best practice usage of different WBG transistors where two small compact dc/dc converters was designed and constructed
Open source deep neural network model deployment
Demonstrating the use of open source deep nerual network models
Foreign object detection
Object detection for safe inductive charging
Status visualization for software projects
Visualization of software and project metrics for software projects
Commercialization of testsystem
A Commercialization Study of a Test Framework for Electronic Control Units
Development of a Mechatronical Platform for AUTOSAR
BusMaster dongle
Low-Response-Time PC Interface for Real-Time Analysis of Embedded Systems
Inductive charging for go-carts
Construction of an Inductive Charging Station
Design, Control and Evaluation of a Prototype Three Phase Inverter in a BLDC Drive System for an Ultra-Light Electric Vehicle
Smartphone immobilizer, part 2
Secure Identification Via NFC
Experience database
Simple searchable experience database
Smartphone immobilizer, part 1
Data Transmission Between a Mobile Phone and a NFC Reader
Smartphone trip computer
GSM och Android
Go-cart headsup-display
Headsup-display for QRTECHs go-cart
Electrical go-cart propulsion system
Electrical propulsion for QRTECHs go-cart
Flexray AUTOSAR 4.0
AUTOSAR Communication Stack Implementation With FlexRay
XCP (Calibration and Measurement Protocol) over CAN and Ethernet on AUTOSAR
MeeGo demonstration
In vehicle infotainment demonstrator
Optimized battery management unit
Development of optimized battery management unit
Electrical go-cart
Modelling and simulation of a hybrid vehicle, electric go-kart
Autosar MCAL
Development of an AUTOSAR compliant prototyping platform
Embedded Linux and TCP/IP
Evaluation of Linux and TCP/IP for embedded platforms for rapid development and prototyping
AUTOSAR demonstrator for FlexRay
Introducing AUTOSAR concepts into QRTECHs development platform ODEEP
Development of an Open Dependable Electrical and Electronics Platform
A foundation for the Open Dependable Electrical and Electronics Platform
Automated test systems
Development of a framework for a fully automated test system and a parser for test specifications, including evaluation on a gear shifter ECU