QRTECH offers challenges in wide range of areas for technical experts as well as project managers. We offer freedom under responsibility and we encourage our employees to take initiatives. At QRTECH you can influence your professional and personal development. We have an open working atmosphere where we collaborate and share knowledge to support each other in finding solutions.

Meet our colleagues

First job

Emelie Svensson
Development engineer

B.Sc.Computer Science, M.Sc. Interaction Design and Technologies

Computer games

Indenspensable at work:
To be able to work with something that you enjoy and that you are interested in, together with great colleagues.

What is your role at QRTECH?

– My current role at QRTECH is to design and develop a web-based tool that will simplify the management of production of the products that QRTECH work with.

What’s your best advice for new graduates keen to work for QRTECH?

– Even though your education can help you towards an employment, it is as important to have interest in technology. If you have a hobby that involves technology it could benefit you to make this known when you apply for a job. Lastly don’t sit around waiting for an opportunity to come to you, if you want to work for QRTECH don’t be afraid take the first step and contact QRTECH.

What makes you passionate about your daily work?

– The possibility to make the everyday life of the user smoother, and to give them a better experience when interacting with a computer.

Established engineer

Johan Leijgård
Software and test developer

M.Sc. Secure and dependable computer systems, Chalmers 2010

Sports, especially orienteering and running. I have done four "Svensk klassiker" and I'm organnizing floorball at QRTECH.

Indenspensable at work:
Beyond compare and regexp!

What is your role at QRTECH?

– I started in 2010 as test engineer but I have transitioned more towards software development.

What is the best thing about your job?

– The variation, as I get to take part in different exciting projects. I continue to develop when I am challenged by new problems at the technology front-line.

What was the most challenging project in your career?

– My last project working with algorithm development in V2X communication. This is a very exciting new area!